A crisis to be solved by the UN Security Council

The Security Council has had its work cut out for it today with its regular agenda and with a number of emergency items demanding its immediate attention.

On the regular agenda, the Security Council has been dealing with the regulation of Private Military Companies (PMCs), having thus far proposed a body to handle certification with the support of Russia – as well as a complex mechanism of sanctions to prosecute both contractors and the states that hired them for violations of international humanitarian law, under both international humanitarian law and the law of the state in which the violations took place.

On the emergency agenda, these proposals have been tested to the limit by the sudden outbreak of a (private) military coup on the Chagos Islands: an archipelago and major naval base in the Indian Ocean that can only be described as south of the Maldives, east of the Seychelles, administered by the United Kingdom, claimed by Mauritius, and run by the United States.(As if that makes things any clearer) One can certainly expect things to escalate before the Security Council can calm them down.

The Security Council has been keen to invite outside observers and experts, including the ambassador of South Africa, a member of the ICJ, and a South African ICJ expert on the use of PMCs. It turned out the actual Ambassador of South Africa is in Bocconi this afternoon, which the delegates are looking into taking advantage of. Recognizing he might be pushing it, the chair inquired, ‘Is my mom allowed to be invited?’

Amidst the world burning, the United States has been noticeably absent from the committee, Russia and the UK have been the loggerheads, and China has arrived late after getting lost on the way back from the bathroom. The delegate of China has ‘welcomed punishment’ for this transgression.JH

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