A famous pop star paid a visit

The Council of Europe Economic and Financial Committee has been as productive as the committee’s title has been long: discussing Innovation and Enterprise, the council has rounded off the sub-topic of education, having merged two working papers and, at time of writing, moving toward research and development, sustainable growth, and the other agenda items on the Europe 2020 Commission.

Equally productive, the delegate of Poland apologized for his lateness to committee this morning with a rousing rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball’, dropping the mike before the second chorus. The song was visibly appreciated by the delegates, and particularly by the Italian chair of the committee, who complimented the delegate’s singing voice. The delegate of Austria, in keeping perhaps with national stereotype, managed alone to maintain a serious face during the performance, although the occasional glimpse of a smile suggested more interest than might otherwise have been apparent beneath the serious face.

The United Times is pleased to have been provided with a recording of the song, which sadly cannot be included in both the paper and the online edition of the Times. In the words of the delegate of Poland, ‘You’re not recording, I haven’t given permission.’ Oh, but implied consent was given: those are the rules which apply to delegates who turn up late to committee. The chairs of EcoFin know this well, as they were the last to leave the social the night before, and the first to arrive to the committee this morning.JH

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