A morning interview with a sober chair (Laura Bartels, ICJ Chair)

Would you like to do the sober interview for your committee?

No. Then I won’t be interesting…I’m not fun…I don’t want to be the boring chair. Don’t put that in the interview. That was just in comparison to Tony.

So, how do you feel about being the sober chair of the committee?

I’m not the sober chair. Cause Tony’s not drunk…in the daytime…when the sun is still up.

How is the committee going?

So well. WE only had the study guide out a week ago. It got corrected by the SG late. It also came back without corrections. But Tony has a whole journal of handwritten stuff, just for MILMUN. I’ve never seen anyone do that much preparation.

What is it like working with Tony?

It’s awesome. He’s really great, he’s really chilled, he’s an awesome first timer. I love breaking his virginity(!).

Do you have any delegates who stand out?

Oh yes,we have one who’s really funny. He’s constantly writing on his laptop and he doesn’t say anything…we’re waiting for him to have this amazing 50-page document, and then to come out like on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and go ‘lawyered!’ (It’s going to be-wait for it…legendary.)

Why are you sober?

Cause it’s morning, and we’re getting work done, and we’re awesome.

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