An evening interview with a drunk chair (Matteo Tonelli,’Tony’, ICJ Chair)

What’s your ambition for MILMUN 2014?

I just want to have fun and be a really great chair.

What’s the story of your hat?

I really love my hat. I bought it after Berlin MUN. I try to wear a different hat to each MUN, but it means I have to buy a different hat each time.

Do you think your delegates and fellow secretariat should also have hats?

I think everyone should have a hat. Actually my room-mate had a hat, but it got folded in the luggage.

What’s the story of your beard?

I like it, but that’s not very fun. There was an American girl who really liked it.

So you grew it for an American girl?


Why did you grow your beard for an American girl?

I din’t grow my beard for an American girl.

Is it true that they just raise the canal for the tourists?

You’re asking me about Milano. I don’t know anything about that. Honestly, I just want to leave when I can. Most likely to Bologna or Rome.

What do you feel about the fact that the Conference Manager has been stalking your Facebook profile?

I feel my privacy is at stake.

What’s your ambition in life?

I want to be a diplomat, represent my country and make my country great!

What was the quote from MILMUN last year when you almost fell off a table while dancing at Club Tocqueville?

“My Life! I risk my Life!”



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