Hakuna Matata

The delegates of Luxembourg, Israel, Spain and Monaco brought some African atmosphere to the Council of the European Union Economic and Financial Affairs this morning. After having a little bit too much fun at the committee dinner last night, the delegates probably overslept their alarm this morning and showed up late to the committee. As punishment the foursome performed ‘Hakuna Matata’ with more or less strong voices (to state the truth: they were quite craggy from their late awakening).

After this the council returned to their serious debates about enterprise, industry and innovation and as the discussion became more heated and heated, the delegate of Sweden suddenly showed up. He tried to quietly sit down and pretend as if nothing had happened, but the chair, Tulia Gattone, was fast enough to ask the delegate to come to her desk and choose a song form a Disney movie to perform for all the fellow delegates. So the audience was about to hear the second performance of the morning, awaited it with joyful anticipation. Many suggestions for the selection of the song came in from the delegates, including the proposal of Belgium for ‘Let’s go’ from Frozen and a little foretaste, but in the end everyone agreed on ‘Call me maybe’. The delegate of Sweden faced the situation with fortitude, grabbed the mike and turned the ‘punishment’ into a superb performance dancing and twisting in his smart suit. There seemed to be emerging a real fan base amongst the delegates, as Luxembourg held up a sheet with a heart on it for Sweden.  While everyone was wondering why the delegate turned this late, his accurate gel hairdo might give some hints to this question.

Adding further fun to the morning, the placard of the Sweden was untraceable and so all the delegates turned into detectives and went on a hunt for the missing placard. The committee has decided to remain seized on the matter. EZ

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