Council of the European Union: First Report, Arab states v. European states

In this morning’s CEU ECOFIN session, a substantial number of European countries proposed a motion in favour of discussing the effects of the TTIP agreement between the US and the EU on agriculture.

Two different visions, ‘the Arab versus the European one’, were clearly identified. While European countries, such as Estonia, Malta or Sweden, argued that the TTIP would help them establish stronger ties with the US as an economical and political partner, others like Algeria, Arab Emirates or Sudan were against this agreement.

For instance, Belgium and Cyprus supported the initiative as long as the proposed standards would result in general improvements for their countries. Arguably, others had some concerns about having partnerships with the US. As Spain mentioned, despite having products with better quality that are more respectful with the legal standards, the US could be a cutthroat competitor for the rest of the EU. However, this agreement that ensures safety (EU) as well as a large quantity of products in the market (US) would mean a both powerful integration and penetration of the global market.


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