Food and Agriculture Organisation: First Report, Feed the World

The centrepiece of the United Nations’ food programme, the FAO Council has recently been discussing issues concerning desertification, financial aids and transferrable skills, among others.

As Saudi Arabia pointed out, desertification is not to be taken lightly. In agreement with Angola and Mali, there should be more cooperation and a global partnership between world economies to prevent soil degradation and boost food security. However, it is worth studying to what extent countries consider the two issues as important.

According to Morocco, food production is suffering since nations are putting more effort on preventing soil degradation, whereas it should focus more on cooperation with the EU rather than the US, which could be considered controversial. In the case of Mali, despite relying on agriculture, desertification is considered its most endangering threat, which requires an action plan based on providing money and sharing knowledge in order to protect forests.

South Africa states that desertification and humanization are the main problems, so that awareness and farm’s conditions should be enhanced. However, in other countries, like Philippines, the impact of humanization is less notorious, but they are still attempting to prevent soil degradation to protect the environment. Instead of being affected by human irresponsible actions, as for instance deforestation, they are very much likely to suffer natural disasters. Arguably, such countries should educate their farmers to always use certified and trustable products and be less dependent on the pressure of multinationals.


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