UN Commission on International Trade Law: First Report, ‘Dangerous arbitrations’

It’s a commission discussing law. International Trade Law. Concerning International Commercial Arbitration.

Soon to be made into a major motion picture.

This morning we have the lucky to attend to a burning discussion at the UNCITRAL. The debate was on the revision of the model law on international commercial arbitration in order to provide more effective protection of labels.

Canada began the debate by proposing the discussion on Article 10 of the law, which deals with the composition of arbitral tribunal and precisely the number of arbitrators. Uganda started the debate with a conviction: one arbitrator is better, as it causes fewer costs. France and Canada were both adamant that three arbitrators are the perfect number in order to find safely a solution to negotiations; while Russia took to the floor to contend that that the number of arbitrators must always be discretionary. Germany warned that any revision to the article would be ‘dangerous’.

How this debate will end? We await with interest to see whether France and Canada are able to inspire other delegates to see merit in their positions, or whether the debate will take an unexpected turn in some other direction.


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