Day 3 Conference-wide Gossip

“USG your smile is spell-binding and I do really love your hands .. could you please talk to me more?”

“Dark knight, could you please play the piano for me? I listened to you accidentally and you looked so charming, so calm and sometime sad, but I know how to make you pleasantly happy.”

“The delegate of Nepal has a wonderful smile. Could you please pay more attention on me instead of talking with others?”
Chair Daniel you are amazing.. I like your wit, your smile and your body. Are you single? If not, don’t worry, I’m not jealous :P I wanna rock with you

The German delegate has a secret passion for romance novels by Fabiovolo. “He should be my bride”. Fact.

“…Meng Da Trevisson…” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” “Thanks, Daniel.”

The Journalist is a hottie <3 <3 <3 caliente

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