Day 3 UNEA Gossip

Eleonora, your smile is spell-binding. Why don’t you talk more to me? I like you? Want to dance tonight?

The United Arab Emirates delegate in the UNEA is very happy about the gadgets in the MILMUN welcome bag.

“I am one of your delegate, Florian, my beloved chair, why are you so hot? Indeed a world class hunk! If only you could talk to me more, my honourable chair ..”

“The chair of UNEA is the HOTTEST chair in the conference! A real gift from God! Please talk to me more, more .. and more”

“To the delegate of FAO Council, Elisa. You are beautiful.
Just look around yourself, you shall find me.
Perhaps you already know who I am.”

“Elena (SG) and Ian (USG) are such a lovely couple! I love youuuuuuuuhhh!!!!”

Hungary you are HOOTTTTTT!!

“Ireland and Indonesia are so cute! Beautiful couple! Although I wish Indonesia was free! :P”

The distinguished delegate of Greece is menacing to split from the UNEA assembly if he does not receive a placard.

The distinguished delegation of the Republic of Cyprus wants to be punished hard.

Some delegates seem to dislike MILMUN chairs because they are addressing them in a considerably disrespectful way. They have slightly changed the MUN statement, they now say: ‘HORRIBLE chair, dear fellow delegates’.

Israel from the UNEA flirting with a delegate called Ophélie.

“UNEA ISRAEL, you are really sexy. XXX”

Motion to force the delegate of Malaysia at UNEA to shave his 19th century beard.


Another representative photo from this evening:


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