Security Council Day 3: Egypt calls for dambusting, Venezuela yells at Russia, and the UNSC plugs its ears

Tensions grew on the UNSC today as the Nile Dam Crisis approached the point of tipping into war, with Egypt calling for an end to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Sudan deploying troops near the Sudanese border in support.

Russia sided with Egypt and denied that the arms used by Sudan were Russian, pointing out that no evidence of this had been presented to the council.

Lithuania and Nigeria proposed a motion to invite Sudan as an observer, who claimed that troop movements near the Ethiopian border were out of concern for the security of the region, and additionally called for compensation from Ethiopia for damage caused to the Sudanese Nile.

The United States and Russia proposed to suspend work on the project until the situation could be stabilised. China was initially reluctant, as the principal financier of the project, but eventually agreed to propose a maximum six month moratorium to allow for negotiation among the various states and reports from the Peacebuilding Commission for the region. The committee also called on UNEA to provide its own reports on the environmental impacts.

Debate did not always go so smoothly however, as Venezuela at one point yelled at Russia concerning recent events in the Crimea, leading Russia to accuse Venezuela as having no idea of what international law was.

Sick of the ongoing destabilisation of the world under their watch, the Security Council called for a closed session so they would not have to hear any further updates. The Security Council, once again, put the ‘responsibility’ in ‘responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.’

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