Council of European Union: Day 4, visit by Prof. Altomonte

The CEU pushed ahead today having concluded discussion on the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

This morning the CEU was visited by Carlo Altomonte, Associate Professor in the Economics of European Integration while also being the consultant for the European Comission and the European Central Bank.

Prof. Altomonte gave his most valuable insights on each of the topics in ECOFIN’s agenda. On the first topic, he emphasised Europe’s dominance in agricultural production and the determination of prices for the rest of the world, and he reminded the delegates that their decision will be of utmost influence. On the second, he argued that the aim to be kept in mind was access to primary education which was more focused on the constituents of the education.

He further explained how the foreign aid policy of the CEU works. The committee inquired further on various aspects of his expertise, asking him about the United Kingdom’s dilemma of leaving the European Union. The chair Kostas also asked the guest speaker about his opinion on the current financial crisis. Prof. Altomonte expressed that the EU has completed the management of the crisis however the next step, which the crisis resolution is still at the top of today’s agenda.

Prof. Altomonte concluded his speech by reminding the council about the qualified majority they need to have to pass the resolution that will be debated on the topic of CAP in the following hours of the morning session.


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