Day 4: Afternoon Gossip

Miscellaneous gossip

What about the English skills of Denmark?

Someone with a blue star on his flag from UNEA likes a wonderful Greek from another committee.

What does the fox say? “Delegates delegates delegates delegates delegates”.

The Irish delegate’s speeches turn me on like nothing else.

A delegate who loves the environment wouldn’t mind meeting the ECOFIN chairwoman.

Florian… Nicely done with Elena!

France is the nicest delegate.

The delegation of Panama would like to remind all its honourable colleagues that it’s channel is always open to anybody, if you know what I mean.

The delegate of Greece likes to use lighters.

Chair person gives “high quality” pills to delegate: “I won’t hold you accountable after I’m dead.”


We didn’t know that the nation of Israel had such strong interests in South-East Asia, in particular in the cambodian rice import/export sector! Open your commercial barriers Cambodia!

The honorable delegate of Greece has officially died after yesterday party. We raise a motion to have the placard back.
The delegates of Denmark and Philippines seems to have found a pleasant diplomatic agreement.

We are trying to understand if the delegate of Slovenia is trying to reproduce the slovenian accent while speaking in english or if he is just taking his role to seriously. Please answer

the distinguished delegate of Ecuador wants to know if the German delegate coming from Qatar is rich enough in order to arrange a marriage.

the honorable delegate of Russia could be Putin’s son. He is born to play this role.

“You are in a relationship Eleonora?
If yes, do not worry, I’m not jealous. :P
As long as I see your smile, I’m happy.

It’s curious you don’t know who I am, but in your heart I know you do. ”

India, I love your lips. Can I kiss you?

“Oh Egypt, you look like a prince, your charm, your confidence while speaking .. you are handsome.
Are you in a relationship?”
Bolivia you and your dress were enchanting yesterday night.I’m yours.

“Delegate of France, you are so sexy and handsome when you speak! I’m behind you ..

Lady Y”

“Hungary, your bottom and silhouette are beautifully arresting.
I wish we can have dinner together sometime.

I talked to you today and you seem a very interesting young woman. Do not stop me.”

the staff member can write, draw, using @, dance, drink as a man… she is a 360° woman


Nobert and a not identified Greek girl went sightseeing…At the 5th floor of HOTEL DEL CAVALIERI. The Duomo was too crowded!

“Be it known to the world that a dancing competition between UNCITRAL and FAO took place on this day of 14 May 2015 in the premises of the Bocconi University. Although appreciating efforts made on the side of FAO, the awesomeness of the UNCITRAL committee prevailed (as always).

May the Secretary-General bless the poor FAO souls as many winters will pass before FAO dares to challenge UNCITRAL again. ”

“Uncitral chair to the delegation of australia:”” why do u smoke?””
Australia: “” Cause I like it; it is simple! Why ddon’t you smoke?””
The chair: “”cause I don’t like it! It’is simple! “” ”

Giusy is the best dancing charilady ever!

A Delegate: “Honourable Chairperson, point of parliamentary inquiry – who is a sponsor?”, The Chair: “The one that pays.”

I’m in love with german’s lips!

Uk and USA Are pretty good at “working articles” together :;-)

THE delegate of Us in Uncitral officially declared acts of american government to be thos of god itself. Oh, my Lord!

Matteo was seen drunk last night singing “juve storia di un grande amore”. Really Funny!

Russia is funny: they Always boycott UNSC sessions or send in an hottie to represent them

Our Chairlady’s feet stink!!!



UK was too busy last night …to our deep regret. ECOFIN girls

aula 44: yes, it is very HOT… But it is not the weather, IT IS U KOSTAS!!!!!!!! Ps don’t forget UK

The delegate of Belgium could be more sexy is she listened to the advices of the delegate of Poland




“To the delegate of FAO Council, Elisa. You are beautiful.
Just look around yourself, you shall find me.
Perhaps you already know who I am.

Secret admirer”

I hope to talk to you more after the conference, I love your sweet gaze and the way you laugh, Elisa.

I hope to talk to you more after the conference, I love your sweet gaze and the way you laugh, Elisa.

“Delegate of Afghanistan,
I can’t take my eyes off your bottom and your womanly body.
You divinely are a gift from God!

secret admirer outside FAO Council”

“Elena and Ian are so cute!
Best couple!
Love youuuuuuhh!!
Love MILMUN!!!”

“Delegate of Philippines,
you are beautiful.
I love your body.
I love your captivating gaze.
I love your dress of yesterday night.
I love your wit.

How much beautiful you can be?
I hope you are single because, you know what, that’s what I am.

And I have a pleasant solution for both of us.

by secret admirer outside FAO Council”

“Whenever I see the USG, I love him more and more.
Such a beautiful smile.
Is he single?”


Press: Ian, stop sending in gossips about yourself.

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