Day 4 Morning Gossip


The chairman’s tie with little cats is so cute: Kevin is such a diva!

Russia has amazed the whole council, in particular the honorable delegate/observer from Egypt

The charming Giuseppina De Marco was seen last night flirting with a blondie with glasses.


Yesterday night Polanda Tried to approch CHINA but… The bilateral agreement fell “to the floor ”

Poland and Sudan spotted talking very close to each others in a corner.

Seems that Belgium is cheating on the ECO-FIN family getting too close to other commissions

UK delegate, we love you!!!

Are the chairs trying to hide something between them?

Kostas the way you fix your tie is just so sexy.


“Our honorable chair from HEC was really handsome performing the danse du limousin yesterday night.
We are still waiting for the video …. ”

The delegate of Egypt in the UNEA committee has proved his ability of undressed his lovely chair, better than his diplomacy skills.


Submit gossip in time for the end of today / the end of the conference!


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