A drunk/sober interview with the CEU chairs

Interview-MicrophoneInterview with Ceren

How sober are you, on a scale of 1-10?

9.5 sober.

Right now?

No, 8. I had some red bulls.

Is this your first time chairing?

Yes, but I have been a delegate at high school conferences at the Hague, Dublin and Istanbul. MILMUN 2015 was the best though.

But apart from MILMUN, obviously?

Then the Hague, 2013.

How are your delegates?

Do you want to be honest? Very serious. Maybe too serious. During the crisis, they were still focused on the Common Agricultural Policy and saw the updates as a distraction from their main role. Everyone was acting as if their pay-cheques depended on it.

How is Kostas?

He balances the seriousness of the committee. He’s not that serious, but in a good way. You know the conflict between Greece and Turkey? We don’t have that. We’re a good team.

How was he after his famous selfie?

After I posted his selfie to the MILMUN chronicle, Kostas said “You have to buy me a drink”, and I told him, “You’re drinking my cab money”. And he said, “Okay, I’m going to drop you to the bus-stop, tram-stop, whatever”. But he was drunk at the time.

What did you think of a guy asking a girl to buy him a drink?

I think it’s a very cool thing because it shows that girls can buy guys drinks.

Favourite nationality of males at MUN?

The Dutch.

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who would you rob?

Matilde’s! Have you seen her dress at Fabbrica? Oh, it was amazing. If I stole Kostas’, what would I do with it? Sell it for free, maybe.

If you could steal anyone’s wallet, whose would you steal.

Riccardo’s. He’s definitely the richest. He always carries cash.

What do you think of Alessandro herding everyone into AS 04 right now as if they are sheep?

Send him back to Florence!

Do you have anything inspirational to tell your delegates, if it were to be the thing that they woke up to every day, for the rest of their lives?

“What would Ceren do?”

Thank you Ceren for this insightful interview

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