An inebriated interview with a UNSC Chair


Chair Tony, would you care to do an interview?
Juuuu-ve! Storia di un grande a-mooooo-re!

I take that as a yes. Can we offer you a drink?
No, I already have one. The barman gave me a free drink when Juve beat Real Madrid 2-1.

You skipped the first part of the roof-top Gala to watch Juventas play Real Madrid?
Yes. I watched it in the bar downstairs.

On a scale of 1-250, how much do you like Juve?
A billion.

The people want to know: have you ever dressed as a woman?
No. After I graduated with my first degree I got drunk, but I did not dress like a woman.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for Juve?
I cannot say it to the Chronicle. It would not be appropriate.

Come on, you’re with friends.
F*** you.

Do you have any final inspirational words for your delegates?
Juuuu-ve! Storia di un grande a-mooooo-re!

Thank you, Tony, for this inebriated interview.



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