MILMUN 2015 Funny Awards

As determined by the press in consultation with the Advisory Board and ExCom, the conference-wide awards are as follows:


  1. Best Tie: Kevin (UNSC Chair)
  2. Prettiest Girl: Philippines (FAO)
  3. Most Handsome Guy: Angola (FAO)
  4. Most Elegant: Marco (ExCom)
  5. Flirtiest Male: Sebastian (FAO Chair)
  6. Flirtiest Female: Lidia (ExCom)
  7. Best Facial Hair: Malaysia (UNEA)
  8. Future Dictator: China (SC)
  9. Party Animal: Alessandro (ExCom) / Brazil (FAO)
  10. Sleepiest: Ian Ssali (USG)
  11. Best Couple: Daniel (FAO Chair) and Brazil (FAO)
  12. Pepé Memorial Award: Daniel (FAO Chair)
  13. Best post-conference karaoke: Cristina (Advisory Board) and Jesse (Press), “Dragostea din tei”
  14. Best Gossip: “Is is just me or does Sebastian look like an evil French antagonist in a play?”
  15. Runner-up Gossip: “What does the fox say? ‘Delegates delegates delegates delegates delegates’.”


With special thanks to Elena for being the best SG; Gerard, Giulia and Carlotta for their collaboration in gathering articles; Riccardo and Mauro for their technical expertise with the website; Ceren and Marco for their help in the press room; and Matteo, Kevin, Ceren, Konstantinos, Giusy, Norbert, Daniel, Sebastian, and Florian for their willingness to provide interviews, information, and above all collaboration in implementing the crises across the whole conference. Further thanks go to all involved in the ExCom and AB for hosting an overall excellent tenth conference for MILMUN 2015.


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