Welcome to the MILMUN Chronicle 2016!

Dear future journalists of the MILMUN Chronicle, Nikolas J. Schmidt Bild explizit-2

Have you ever wanted to influence politics without selling your soul?

Friends, enemies, constituents, promises, party allegiance – no need to worry about all of that, at the MILMUN Chronicle, all we care about is the cold, hard truth. Well-balanced reporting with lots of information!

Though there might be the occasional polemic comment. And a biased headline here or there. To be honest, tabloid journalism is a lot of fun. And gossip-worthy things always happen at MUNs. So we’ll just do both. Interested?

Because that’s what’s expecting you as a journalist at the MILMUN Chronicle.

You will interview delegates and drill them about their position, listen in on backroom negotiations and formal debate in committee, prepare and organize press conferences, take statements and report on different positions, cover funny mishaps as well as cringe-worthy news. Join our team and shape policy as part of the fourth estate
or make waves with incredible revelations in the gossip column!

At the MILMUN Chronicle, you will be able to fully embrace and develop your investigative, research and writing skills. You will profit from an editor-in-chief who will encourage you to pursue every compelling story and help you publish fascinating articles, but who will also proofread everything and scrutinize not only grammar and punctuation, but also logic and style.


Dear journalists, dear readers,

At the MILMUN Chronicle, we will balance perfection in writing with cutting edge news reporting. Every story deserves attention, but every story needs to be told the right way. In our gossip column, we will aim to deliver just the right amount of entertainment with just the right amount of embarrassment, though of course we will respect the anonymity of our confidential informants.


Still interested? I know I am. MILMUN 2016 awaits. And it promises to be exciting!



Your Editor-in-chief
Nikolas Schmidt

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