United we stand, empowered we win!

Welcome to MILMUN 2016!

by Adelaide Formica & Valentina San Martin 




(c) Valentina San Martin

Here we are, the day has come and for most of us this is the first MUN experience. An excited crew of international girls and boys with red bags and elegant (very elegant!) dresses are waiting in front of the magnificent building which will host us for the whole week: the University Bocconi. After everybody has found a nice and comfy place to sit, we get to know each other: some are experienced as they have done quite a lot of MUNs and some others not. Some come from as far away as Ghana or Canada, but some others actually live in Milan. Some study law, economics and political sciences and others study literature, or even linguistics. In other words, this is the MUN atmosphere: multicultural, multidisciplinary and multilingual – but one goal is shared by everyone: to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations.


(c) Valentina San Martin

Everything is ready for the Opening Ceremony and today’s guest star is Dr. Francesco Galtieri of the UN Volunteers, who teaches important lessons: “Nobody has to be empowered because everyone already has their own power: USE IT! Harness it in the best ways possible and do not take anything for granted; only by working hard you will be able to reach satisfactory results.” But as you all know, the climb is hard but the view is amazing! His last words are: “There are no good or bad organisations but there are good or bad people and as you are an aware generation, you have to speak your mind and make commitments that speak to your own beliefs in order to support the UN’s values” . 


(c) Valentina San Martin

With the ceremony slowly reaching its end, everyone is hungry and eager to eat some nice Italian dishes before starting the tumultuous discussions that await them. Hence, happy MILMUN games! And let the odds be on your countries’ favour!

Your devoted press team will share with you interviews, juicy gossips and pictures…so stay tuned!

And don’t forget to check the official MILMUN hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  ;) #milmun2016 


(c) Adelaide Formica & Valentina San Martin for the MILMUN Chronicle

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