When Chairpeople think no one will quote them…




So, you may want to take these with a grain of salt….


“Maybe the destination is unknown because of the human trafficking…?” – a random chairperson uttered while reminiscing about the 2007 Alex Gaudino hit “Destination Calabria” (below). Hint: he is one of the dreamy blondies, but not Luca.


“I really need to take a shower” – a totally random chair, that shall not be named. Curiously, this chair was the only one not to know the song mentioned above. Coincidence?


“He really wants to walk home with someone”, was heard being said about one the chairmen. Easy, there tiger! It’s only the first day…


“German sausages are so much softer, Italians still have real sausages”, one chairperson was overheard saying during the Chair Training on Saturday. Just moments afterwards, two other chairs were arguing about the size of their “cannoli”.


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