BREAKING NEWS: Aliens have attacked the ICJ!!!

As if hadn’t been enough, getting reprimanded by a team of the Chronicle and Freddie Mercury from his grave, it now appears that the International Court of Justice is suddenly under attack from a mysterious group of extraterrestrials!

Read on and enjoy our live, up-to-date, original, cutting-edge, in-depth, extraordinary and definitely not satirical report of the MILMUN Chronicle.


Okay, a cheap ploy to get your attention. There are no aliens attacking, but the Chronicle does have one question. You don’t want to ban nuclear weapons because of aliens. Aliens. Seriously?! So, which aliens do you plan on nuking?


E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial?



The Klingon?



The Decapodians?


Maybe Maz Katana?


The Wookies? Haven’t they suffered enough???


The Ewoks? You, know the rebellion would have failed without the ewoks!!!


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