Is this the real life? No, it’s the ICJ.


6218981271_e49b587dba_bOfficial lyrics of the Legalian Rhapsody:


Is this the real life?

No, it’s ICJ.

Caught in discussion,

no escape from legality.


Open your eyes,

Look up to the chairs and see,

If you’re good judges, you need controversy,

because you’re way too nice, way to harsh,

little loud, little slow,

anything your peers say doesn’t really matter to you, to you…


Judges, just killed the law,

Put up social arguments,

lost the statute, no that’s bad,

judges, you have not begun

but now you’ve gone and thrown the law way


Judges, oooh,

do you mean to make us cry?

Please argue legally again tomorrow,

Carry on, carry on, as if humans do not matter


It’s late, your time has come,

sent papers to the chairs,

legal reasons all the time,

Come on, everybody, you’ve got to put

put your legal education to some use


Judges, ooooh,

You don’t want to fail,

I’m sure you wish you’ll pass a good opinion


I see a little silhouetto of a court,

ICJ, ICJ, will you write an opinion,

paragraphs and statutes,

very, very astute, yes

legal reasons (legal reasons)

legal reasons (legal reasons)

legal reasons are so good



You’re such a great court, nobody hates you

You are the judges from a law committee

Spare us that talk of this humanity


Way too nice, way too harsh,

will you use the law?

It’s legal, law, will just use the law?! (use the law?!)

It’s legal, will just use the law?! (use the law?!) 

It’s legal, will just use the law?! (use the law?!) 

Will just use the law (use the law!)

legal, legal, legal, use the law,

law, law, law, law, law, law, law

Oh, corte mia, corte mia, (corte mia, use the law)

Nuclear arms have a devil put aside for you, for you, for you


So you think you can fool us and not even try?

So you think you can argue and let the law die?

Oh, judges, can’t do this to us, judges,

Just gotta do law, just gotta get legal in here


(Oh yeah, oh yeah)


And law really matters,

anyone can talk

and law really matters,

and law really matters to me.


Anyway the law goes.


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