Looking for stability: the situation in the Central African Republic

Looking for stability – the situation in the Central African Republic

by Adelaide Formica



Timage1he political and security situation in Central Africa is very fragile and because of this the civilian population is more vulnerable by the day and what is actually needed is to strengthen institutional capacities, above all in the justice and security area.

This is the core issue of the debate in today’s session of the UNDP.

24 countries are taking part in the discussion and many opposing opinions are being held by the delegates, but everyone share the same idea: reduce fighting and ensure social security by making efforts to promote reconciliation and dialogue. 

Disarmament, stability and more power to government are the key words today and they are somehow linked with each other; first, disarmament: immediate and effective action is needed and help from the religious leaders, which in the African population play a relevant role, is asked as well in order to bring more cohesion; making people understand how life is without war and bringing them back to the past, to life before crisis. The population of the C.A.R. is discouraged, violence is on the rise and there is no credible alternative to offer to young people, what they need is the perspective of a better future.

This bring us to the second main point: everyone knows that disarming is not enough to achieve security. It is a first step, but it is development that really brings stability and social cohesion. Everybody wants a safe environment and is a right of the citizens to believe in a better life after war. It is not only a matter of peace, but above all of giving perspective.

And here we are, we have arrived at the core topic of the discussion: empowering the government. Improving local authorities, raising funds and bringing government closer to people in order to allow them to work together and give the government more power. Government is not only about people who have a seat in the parliament but above all about the population; about improving collaboration and trying to see the situation through different eyes: the aim is to see Africa through Africans eyes.

Stabilizing the government to the stabilize the country and to bring people even closer together and represent all the different ethnicities, every different religion and every group as one with the only and shared goals of working together for a better present and a better future.  


(c) Adelaide Formica for the MILMUN Chronicle

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