Chair vs. delegates, singing vs. dancing, Adele vs. Taylor Swift

Just to get this out of the way. There is no comparison. Not because the genre, audience and whatever of the two are completely different (are they?) but because Adele is better. Simple. Other than that we’ll leave you to judge.

UNSC Chair (this really should be a vine!) doing a rendition of “Skyfall” – his effort is applaudable (how does reach those high notes, amazing!), though obviously no one can even begin to reach¬†Adele’s voice. I’ve been asking myself, was Skyfall maybe not produced for James Bond after all, but inspired by real life events, namely that she herself fell from the sky? She certainly has the voice of an angel:



On the other hand, these delegates in CFS really made an effort to hit the right nerve the TS song inspires. Just look at the girl on the left! And if you don’t like it: well (I’m almost restraining myself and not saying it), haters gonna hate…



We’ll just leave you with this:


“Imagine if Adele and Taylor Swift were a lesbian couple and they broke up with each other. Who will have the best break up song?”

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