Communist Islam, love in the province vs. the city and new superhero (aka Gossip #3)


Weeeeeeh, new gossip rolling in, peoplez (also physical gossip from the boxes)! Editorial comments in italics.


“Norway just identified People’s Republic of Bangladesh as Islamic Republic of Bangladesh. Does he have information we do not?”


“Although Austria and Jordan should have different positions the love has join them, yesterday we could see them having lunch together and Austria was having a great time as we could see her laughing in repeated occasions.”

We actually received a picture of two delegates staring at each other in a very cute way, but those were Netherlands and Spain. Romance is in the air. Or, you know, awkwardness. fap-now-kiss-l

“The theme of civil rights in Italy is still on the rage: rumor has it two members of the ExCom are planning on giving birth to a new life. A girl has reportedly been heard **ung (not readable) another girl: “I want to carry your babies“!!! Let’s support this sweet couple!


“Mi sono innamorata di uno ma era Bergamasso – adesso siamo migliori amici” – which translates to “I fell in love with a guy, but he was from Bergamo – now we are best friends

I guess Bergamo is not good enough, only back in old Napoli, it’s amore.


“Secretary-General looks like Soviet Russian Boy :)”

Is that a new superhero we haven’t heard about yet? Photoshop addicts, can make something out this?


“A little bird told me that the Conference Manager might live (love?) a head delegate”

Head delegates? Are you talking about the leader of the Carabieniere? Then again, we’re not sure if he’s living or loving. Head delegates are life, head delegates are love. ;)

“Chair Luca has been seen starting at Sebastian during the pizza night!!”

From what we know, it was mostly Sebastian who did the staring – though not at Luca. ;)

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