Girls, pirates and unicorns (aka Gossip Edition #2)

Alright, pretty people, we’re getting more gossips than we can publish at a time, so here goes the first round of quotes, mishaps and hilarious stories:


“I just want to have fun, but they won’t give me fun”

– said the a girl who was moments earlier dragged away screaming by a guy in shorts. No comment. Where are you, EverydaySexism-activists? Point and game.

Very unoriginal, but we had to:



“The Study is a guide”

– heard in ICJ. Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. It is also indisputable and the word of God as far you’re concerned. It’s not like the Pirate Code:


  • It also appears we a little thieve on our hands. A red bull and a coke have gone missing and rumors say, some Mediterranean country in the CEU is being suspected. We’re really hoping you are more awake now, one (other?) minister was caught sleeping during the guest lecture. The ministers in the Council have also been described “really boring”. The chairs have even gone so far to put on music to get the spirits up. An applaudable effort. But Jonas Blue, really?


  • Infighting in Security Council’s P5? It appears Ms San Martin got her prediction right. First, the United Kingdom was kicked out of a working group, and has retaliated by spreading rumors that the Russian delegate is drunk. Probably not true, though. You guys are all such lightweights and go home so early. Also: journalists are the only ones who may be under the influence of mind-altering creative substances while at work. 
    Are you seeing this, too?

    Are you seeing this, too?


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