We are Chronicle. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

And we will come for you! Yes, I’m talking about you! You, who thinks they can mess with us. You’re gonna mess with us?! You don’t know that we know what you don’t know!



Wildly confusing? Well, apparently some delegates (and we reserve the right to publicly shame them if this continues) think they can threaten my journalists and get away with it? Not by a long shot.


If you are not nice, I will spread fake gossip about you“, said one delegate from SC. I think you’ve got the rolls a little confused, don’t you? We are the journalists, we control what’s being said. Where are you going to spread “fake” gossip? Through our gossip box? Through the internet that we control? Usually, everything we publish is 100% accurate (as, of course, all journalism is, you can believe anything and everything that is being said on the internet), but we may just break our ethics code to hunt you down and trash you. Just watch us. You know what we are capable of. You won’t see us coming. But you we’re coming for you. #panamapapers


You know there is a prize for the best journalist and I have a little power over the staff, you know…” – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ha. Ha. Ha. Sweet little stupid boy. You have no idea what you are getting into. You know how there’s a “prize” (it’s called award) for the Best Delegate? And how there are Honorable Mentions? Yeah, you will get none of those. You don’t have power over SHIT. Or to put it into the words of Francis J. Underwood: you are entitled to NOTHING. Don’t do try that double-faced nonsense with us. You think corruption still works in today’s world, really? The only power that anyone has these days is the power of the good example (and well, the power of the media to steer public opinion). You have neither. Goodbye, we wish you a long and awful time withering in the realm of non-importance.


Another delegate (from ECOFIN) criticized the press for not proposing concrete solutions. Eeeehm….isn’t that what you have grandly failed at doing so far? Just sayin…

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