“Yes, we can!” – Interview with the P5


 an interview with the Permanent Members of the Security Council by Valentina San Martin

Picture for the interview P5

Later in the afternoon during the coffee break, I had the opportunity to ask some questions to the Big Five in order to understand how they apprehend the future on a political level. Unfortunately, even after some investigations, I could not find the delegate of Russia. Maybe we was to occupied to drink Vodka while plotting with some other countries… 

 – MILMUN Chronicles: Do you think that the reconstitution of the Big Five will help to counter ISIS?  

– Delegate of the USA: I think if any group can counter ISIS, it is definitely the P5. We are big nations with a lot of wealth and power, we work hard during our committee sessions in order to find suitable solutions and finally, we are familiar with what is happening in the Middle East these days as the majority of us are on the front fighting against the EI. 

As the United States and Russia have been in a tumultuous relationship for many years, is this coalition really going to be promising? 

– Delegate of the UK: Unfortunately Russia is not here to answer… 

– Delegate of China: Trust me, the political relations between China and US is also pretty hectic. We are negotiating really hard and even if we have substantial a priori differences, on almost any stands, we are almost reaching an agreement on eastern general guidelines. And that is actually a great deal! Also, the USA is really willing to make compromises, which is very rare by the chinese experience. So, we are really pleased for now. 


– Would you be willing to accept another member within this alliance just as P5 +1? 

– Delegate of USA: I would say that it might be Turkey as it shares its border with both Syria and Iraq but also because the country is particularly involved in Syria especially now. 

– Delegate of the UK: Also, if the states of the southern part of the world are able to make a deal and collaborate with each other, we – as permanent members – could consider this idea. But it is actually not really the case unfortunately… 


– One last word for our readers? 

– Delegate of USA: We trust ourselves, we trust our allies and we have enough power to solve the actual problems but above all, YES WE CAN! 



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