Gossip Edition #4

Oh, ALMAMUN head delegate #callmemaybe

Are you talking about Al-Ma’mun? Thanks for that song being stuck my head now, by the way.

UNDP: the developing countries are in urgent need of developing aid – and are willing to do anything for it…

Yeah…that’s not really funny.

Cuba you are kinda cute

Sure, now that the US are talking to them again, everyone wants a piece of them…

Best Excom ever this year! =)

Aaw, guys, did you put that in the gossip box yourselves…? ;-)

All The Russian delegates are alcoholic!

Possible. Those drunk hash-smoking leather-wearing dudes at the Gala last night certainly seemed Russian – and drunk.

I saw Uganda flirting with Turkey for such a long time. No worries guys, there’s a special nig tonight is a special mi night

Let’s hope your editing is better in committee than in your gossip notes.

I saw China and Canada exploit children together, in a particular way. I think they might be on their way to Thailand.

What…? Like, what? I don’t even get what that is supposed to mean. Thailand, right of reply, please?

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