Hunger Games in CFS

Hunger Games in CFS

by Valentina San Martin


On this fourth day of committee sessions, the concern for the hunger in the world is definitely not going anywhere… 

But as everybody should know, achieving food security is one of the main instruments in the fight against poverty. Presently around 795 million people live in conditions of hunger, and the massive majority of these individuals are concentrated in developing countries but also agricultural areas – mostly in Asia and Africa. Also, the large majority of those who are greatly suffering of famine are children. Yet, in order to build up food security, youth are probably the groups most capable to make a difference, both with their capacity for innovation and because of the benefits they would be able to reap from employment opportunities available in the agriculture business. Hence, investing and emphasizing youth education and training in agriculture but also ensuring the attractiveness of the sector is key to achieve food security and nutrition. 

However, the delegates of the CFS do not seem ready to find a solution to the problem; some arrive late, some do not really have an opinion on the topic, some do not have access to the documents related to the draft proposal – mixed with other technical problems.

Meanwhile, famine is running all around the world, killing the poor and weakening the needy. IMG_3099


Nevertheless, the situation slowly changes at exactly 10:48 am when a crisis occurring in the South China Sea is announced. Finally, the delegates are speaking out and trying to solve this problematic situation more or less efficiently.  

Hopefully, the committee members will succeed in stabilizing the challenging issues of World Food Security as soon as possible. But this might only be considered after the lunch break, as our delegates might be quite hungry… 


(c) Valentina San Martin for the MILMUN Chronicle

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