IOM and the fifth element

IOM and the fifth element 

by Valentina San Martin

As bombs are falling from the air, they are dreaming of a better life somewhere else on the earth. And to do so, they must go through fire and water…  

Around 23.000 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of the XXI century. Totally desperate and looking for political stability but also better economic conditions, refugees are taking great risks in proceeding through the sea – which has definitely turned into a vast cemetery. 

The recent deal between the European Union and Turkey to regulate the flow of migrants to Europe underlines the extreme necessity for a higher degree of cooperation between all countries involved. In fact, those getting on the European soil see their basic rights being denied. With the influx of people via the Mediterranean being the largest migratory process since the Second World war, safeguarding the fundamental rights of those people remains a unique challenge. 

refugees-1008393_960_720That is what is currently being discussed in the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It seems like all the delegates without exception are on the same wavelength regarding the migration crisis issues. 

Indeed, they have recently agreed upon a new and more suitable resolution according to today’s context (named Resolution 1.1) in order to improve the critical situation. 

If migrants have to face the four elements so as to survive, the IOM introduced a fifth element indispensable to the human race: collaboration! 

Thanks to that, they have unanimously agreed on some new rules and laws based on morality and equality for everyone, especially during a time of emerging injustices. 

(c) Valentina San Martin for the MILMUN Chronicle



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