IOM & UNDP: How to start taking action?

It’s now time to do something concrete. After the speech by the delegate of Viet Nam who asked for sustainable aid for its country, delegates are now considering how to proceed. Must the economic issue be considered as a priority or the social one? The delegation of Laos, for instance, suggests acting as soon as possible in order to provide logistical and economical support, combining the environmental solution with the economic strategies. The issue is urgent, Viet Nam has about 93 million inhabitants and, actually, most of them live on the coast (the most damaged area). People should have the possibility to have their quality of life improved, and they are supposed to live where they are born and raised, not move to neighboring countries. What the delegation of Spain proposed is to use resources of existing associations (e.g. GCF Green Climate Fund, accountable to the United Nations), which have the aim to invest in low-emission and climate resilient developments. The GCF actually could provide funds and by using those, the creation of a new foundation to collect money might be not necessary…money is simply already available.

(c) Adelaide Formica for the MILMUN Chronicle

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