Who’s gonna win in IOM & UNDP?


We have almost reached the end of the discussion. Opinions are still contrasting but everybody shares the same ideal: help Viet Nam to overcome the consequences of the disaster. According to the delegation of the People’s Republic of China it might be necessary to establish a special fund financed by China, South Korea and US. This cooperation will invest in Viet Nam, but as everybody knows, both a long and short term solutions are needed. The delegates of the three involved countries show security and awareness, they are pretty sure that nobody would votes against their motion…but attention! They are wrong. In fact, the delegates of Spain raise their voices again in order to underline the futility of the so-called fund when UN already operates something almost identical. The fund is considered useless. The IOM delegate of Spain emphasizes the fact that the GCF manages a fund of about 9 billion US dollars, enough to immediately take action in Viet Nam and help its population. The purposes are as various as interesting and delegates are willing to consolidate them to reach the best solution ever.

I think it was a very long day…and we might be looking forward to an ever longer night ;)

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