A precautionary goodbye

Just like in the Truman Show, the MILMUN Chronicle would like to say: in case we don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! Or something to that effect. Which is why our journalists have prepared this precautionary farewell to all of you. XOXOsay-goodbye-french1


These are our last hours at MILMUN, days have flew by so fast, discussions are coming to end and delegates are ready to leave the beautiful Milan; but not before the last lunch all together and the closing ceremony. MILMUN has given us the opportunity to become the people we want to be by working for common objectives, exchanging views and wearing elegant dresses. However, now is time to come back to everyday life keeping in our mind what MILMUN taught us: to work to get peace, security and respect among people. 

MILMUN has taught us to keep a smile while facing adversities

MILMUN has stimulated our abilities to debate and accept other opinions

MILMUN has taught us to not shy away from conflict

MILMUN has inspired us to be brave

MILMUN has  taught us to solve conflicts diplomatically 

MILMUN has opened our eyes about the world we live in

MILMUN has taught us that it is okay to be scared because that’s what make us human 

MILMUN has helped us realize that in the end sleep is purely optional…for a few days anyway ;) 


Thank you everybody …see you next year!

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