As the conference comes to and end, the gossip starts sucking…

Cuba just stop being so hipster, we all know you love that money too! Cash, cash, cash $$$ Big money!


Thirst for a Cuba Libre


Austrian delegate FTW!


The Cuban delegate is such “faggiano” (emphasis on the “Gs”)


3 out of 5 Romans are still available and open to any possiblity…. hint hint


We are almost done on the second draft. The time for ECO-FUN approaches


Last night I saw chair Sebastian flirting with more girls than I can actually remember

Actually there’s a couple of gossips to that effect

Last night I saw the UNDP chair drawing genitals on the IOM chair’s face

Eeeehm…no. It was CFS chair and his neck. We have proof. Extensive: video, audio and pictures.

I want to make diplomatic meeting between our reproductive organs, Austria

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