ECOFIN: Goodbyes will be hard for Lithuania

ECOFIN: Goodbyes will be hard for Lithuania 

by Valentina San Martin

MILMUN Chronicles:
 I saw that discussions were going quite well, what were your impressions? 

Delegate of Lithuania:
 I get the impression that we are doing quite a good job here! Moderated and unmoderated caucuses really help to reach solutions that might satisfy every country (and you may know how difficult it is in the EU).


Were there some countries that were not willing to negotiate 

Like everywhere, some countries are reluctant to agree with everyone because of personal interest or close mindedness. But the Lithuanian government that I represent try to overcome their apprehensions in order to make the best agreement we have ever done. 


IMG_3078In which ways do you think your decisions would affect the future according to migration? 

As a member of the ECOFIN, we really think that the money we agree to give to some institutions may help to solve the actual temporary crisis. Nonetheless, we know that money is not the only solution, we also need political answers. 


Sad that the week is almost over

Yes, Lithuania will be too sad without all of you.


(c) Valentina San Martin for the MILMUN Chronicle

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