ECOFIN: Romeo and Juliet are getting married in Cyprus

ECOFIN: Romeo and Juliet are getting married in Cyprus 

by Valentina San Martin 

MILMUN Chronicles: How are Romeo and Juliet going? 

Delegate of Greece: We are going quite well and I sincerely hope it will continue for the years to come. But, the future looks promising by now… 


Are Germany and Greece still strongly willing to find solutions together? 

Delegate of Germany: Indeed, as bizarre as this may seem, Romeo and Juliet are still in a strong alliance. We have agreed on a deal to provide extra funding to deal with the migrant crisis. Who have expected that?!  


IMG_3037Who is Juliet and who is Romeo? 

Delegate of Greece: Juliet is definitely Germany! 

Delegate of Germany: Germany is obviously Romeo since he has managed to negotiate his points of view with Greece. 


Do you see a happy ending in this alliance? 

Delegate of Germany: We will be sealing the marriage at the end of the debate and are going on a honeymoon to Cyprus. 


(c) Valentina San Martin for the MILMUN Chronicle 


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