Positive spanish vibes for UNDP

Positive vibes for UNDP 

by Adelaide Formica

On the last day of the MUN, the delegates seem happy with the achievements of the week. Indeed, here are the positive impressions from delegate of Spain (UNDP). 

Delegate of Spain UNDP 

MILMUN Chronicles: How was that week going? 

Delegate of Spain: The week was really interesting. We got the chance to meet lots of people with whom to exchange ideas and work together. The conferences were intense but also entertaining. Every delegate participated actively and raised its country’s  point of view. 


Was everyone motivated to find some solutions according to the topics discussed? 

Everyone was motivated and I believe we worked hard on finding the best resolutions, which in the end have been reached. 


What about the crisis? 

I really enjoyed the topic on oil spill. UNDP and IOM managed to work together to find a final resolution. The collaboration between the two committees encouraged every delegate to give its best. 


One last word for the press? 

I really enjoyed reading the Chronicle articles. I hope to meet you at the next MUN. 


(c) Adelaide Formica for the MILMUN Chronicle

Valentina San Martin contributed to this article.



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