Goodbye Milan, one last gossip and other wonderful things

Yes, the conference is over and we’re all very sad, Post-MUN-Depression has hit (short: PMD), by some very funny people also known as PMS (Post-MUN-Syndrome, which includes depression, insomnia, early stages of severe nihilism, a cold and the repeated outcry of “how is ever anything going to be the same again?!”), but not to worry, the Chronicle has not stopped working and is delivering a belated little present to get you through the worst. But, don’t forget, the best way to get over an MUN is to plan the next! ;-)


“That clause is a complete waffle” – Sebastian, the chair of UNDP was heard saying. The resolution turned out quite well, anyway, didn’t it? Also: hmmmmm….waffles. 


On a similar note:

“If they’re stupid, that’s not your fault – and, yes you can quote me” – Marco Graziano, conference manager, said. Wow, who was he talking about? Don’t worry, delegates, frustration is a part of every MUN. But not to worry, the common effort counts and, in the end, we’re all happy!


In other news, the digital gossip box turned out this:


“Although the British are famous to have very well manners, one of the Chairs from the UNDP was a little bit to much insistent in his mission to make one of the judges from the ICJ. Thanks God she has very good friends and so she could scape from his tentacles.”


The delegate of Ukraine resembles Alexis Tsipras <3

Well, he certainly had the temperament of a Varoufakis. Remember the Closing Ceremony…?

“It seems that the chairs of the Ecofin have been addressed as “Horrible Chairs” instead of “Honourable Chairs”…”

Now, that must’ve been a simple acoustical misunderstanding, because we know how wonderful the two are.


Actually, this leads us to our next story. From the very beginning of the conference, we had in mind to each day write a column entitled “In the vault with Grandpa Walt”. Unfortunately, a lot of other inappropriate ideas occupied our time and creativity, so that this idea did not pan out. We will, however, entertain you with this little delicacy



 And finally, a delegate (Lari Claudia Lungu) has reached out to the Chronicle with this wonderful drawing:


Delegates be like #milmun




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