Nikolas J. Schmidt Bild explizit-2Nikolas Schmidt – Editor-in-Chief
Nikolas Schmidt is a student of Economics, originally from Berlin, Germany. His MUN career has included positions as delegate, conference manager, chairperson and delegation manager at conferences in Germany, Poland, Serbia and the United States. Complementary to his interest in international relations and diplomacy, he has a full-grown obsession with Central and Eastern Europe.
As Editor-in-Chief, he will not only relive his MUN-origins as a journalist, but also be able to use his talents as spellchecker, investigator and record holder of MUN gossip posts.






pasted-imageAdelaide Formica – Journalist

I am currently attending the Modern Languages-International Cooperation and Communication course of study at the Università Statale here in Milan. Born and raised in Italy between hills and vineyards, what I love most is travelling, good wine and pizza (of course, I’m Italian!) and watching movies. This is my first MUN and I’m pretty excited, I’ll do my best to have a great and satisfactory experience.







Valentina San Martin – Journalist

“Why do you want to be a journalist?” 

On the threshold of some nice and sunny days, I have the pleasure to participate to a second MUN here in Milan. In fact, my first MUN involvement was in Geneva a few weeks ago and since then, I guess I became addicted.

During those MUN experiences, a lot of people ask me the same question: “why do you want to be a journalist?”. Honestly, every time this tricky question is asked to me, I do not really know what to answer.

Diversity is richness: report it 

Actually, my background does not really fit to the highly cultivated journalistic diaspora…. My family emigrated from Spain to Switzerland in the 60ies and as belonging to the first wave of immigration on the helvetic ground; it was hard for them to fit in at first.

I guess that is why the first part of my answer to “why do you want to be a journalist?” would be: because I am sensitive to different type of cultures. Also, I think everyone has a message to deliver and I like the idea of being the person who reports it.

Knowledge is power: use it 

Secondly, I have been raised by a single mother who did not have much material belongings. Nevertheless, she has always been a curious person and continuously encouraged me to learn as much a possible since education can never be taken away from you.

Indeed, the other part of the answer would be: I am eager to learn new things everyday in order to expand my knowledge. More particularly, I love books, reading and of course writing. That is why I study literature I guess…

Finally, I am conscious that as being a woman and belonging to a generation of immigrants who have escaped their country for a better life, it would sometimes be hard to reach some goals.

Here comes the the third part of my answer; as a journalist I have to be determined and more importantly, always be where one last expects me to be. Because it is precisely those features that will give an essence to my words.

Valentina San Martin, your devoted MILMUN journalist