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Day 3 FAO Gossip


I think I saw Daniel going to a small room with Sebastian. I really hope they are practising for their dance performance. It seems that the tie of Sebastian, the Chair of the FAO Council, was apparently too short… “Sebastian and Lidia are such a beautiful couple. But Sebastian is supposed to be my chair, …

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Surprising revelations

It has been a rocky road on the Security Council: the delegates yesterday were unable to come to a resolution on the Chagos Islands Crisis, following a heated hour-long confrontation with an observer delegate from Mauritius, whom the delegates of the committee repeatedly accused of invading the Chagos Islands. News reports had identified at most …

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A helping hand

From the dizzying heights of birthday singing yesterday, to the sober lows of procedural review, the FAO has spent most of its previous sessions considering the subtle nuance and wording of its draft resolution. Secretary-General Riccardo Mazzucchelli was on hand to guide the council through the process- while also assisting the Security Council in its …

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It’s because we’re awesome

The International Court of Justice has been moving toward its advisory opinion on drones today, with an exhaustive draft document currently running to some 10 pages. The rival dissenting opinion discussed in yesterday’s edition gained little traction, but the committee is forging on for its final ruling. At time of writing, the court was considering …

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Lebanese rhythm

  The creative vibe from the EcoFin council might have transferred through the walls, as the delegate of Greece let her Lebanese roots shine through with a flaming song in the EcoSoc council this morning. The fact that her blood was infused with some caffeine from the coffee break before might have contributed to the …

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