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Goodbye Milan, one last gossip and other wonderful things

Yes, the conference is over and we’re all very sad, Post-MUN-Depression has hit (short: PMD), by some very funny people also known as PMS (Post-MUN-Syndrome, which includes depression, insomnia, early stages of severe nihilism, a cold and the repeated outcry of “how is ever anything going to be the same again?!”), but not to worry, the …

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ECOFIN: Romeo and Juliet are getting married in Cyprus

ECOFIN: Romeo and Juliet are getting married in Cyprus  by Valentina San Martin  MILMUN Chronicles: How are Romeo and Juliet going?  Delegate of Greece: We are going quite well and I sincerely hope it will continue for the years to come. But, the future looks promising by now…    Are Germany and Greece still strongly willing to find solutions together?  …

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A precautionary goodbye

Just like in the Truman Show, the MILMUN Chronicle would like to say: in case we don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! Or something to that effect. Which is why our journalists have prepared this precautionary farewell to all of you. XOXO   These are our last hours at MILMUN, days have flew …

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ECOFIN: Goodbyes will be hard for Lithuania

ECOFIN: Goodbyes will be hard for Lithuania  by Valentina San Martin MILMUN Chronicles: I saw that discussions were going quite well, what were your impressions?  Delegate of Lithuania: I get the impression that we are doing quite a good job here! Moderated and unmoderated caucuses really help to reach solutions that might satisfy every country (and you may know how difficult it is in the EU). …

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Positive spanish vibes for UNDP

Positive vibes for UNDP  by Adelaide Formica On the last day of the MUN, the delegates seem happy with the achievements of the week. Indeed, here are the positive impressions from delegate of Spain (UNDP).    MILMUN Chronicles: How was that week going?  Delegate of Spain: The week was really interesting. We got the chance to meet lots of …

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